Aerospace Technology

Your body is unique, so why shouldn’t your comfort be too? Sparking a revolution in comfort innovation, our multi-award winning Octaspring® aerospace technology has redefined the very meaning of comfort, blending memory foam indulgence with the responsiveness of a spring. It’s simple yet smart science dynamically adapts to the unique shape of your body with an eight-sided 3-dimensional foam spring formula that creates customised comfort across targeted zones of varying densities.  And voila, our smart science shapes smart comfort especially for you.

Powered By Award Winning Octaspring® Aerospace Technology

Aerospace Adventurers

Our experts have reengineered our award-winning Octaspring® Aerospace technology for the comfort on the go, innovating the Octasupport® range for the sweetest and smartest of solutions.

What makes OCTAsupport®

so smart?

Discover a New Way of Life with Octasupport®

The 8 in 1 Pillow

Inspired with Octaspring® Technology, the 8 in 1 pillow creates the ultimate smart comfort experience.

The Lumbar Pillow

Nurturing your spine with smart comfort and care, the Lumbar Pillow naturally encourages instant posture alignment.

The Seat Cushion

This smart comfort cushion eases any seated position with two contouring comfort feels.

The Body Pillow

The boosting Body pillow soothes and supports with full body comfort.

The Travel Pillow

The travel pillow cools and comforts you with a touch of tranquillity, helping you to feel at home wherever you are.

The Half Body Pillow

The half body pillow delivers perfect pressure relief for your hips, knees and ankles.

No Pressure!

Thanks to our extensive laboratory tests we can guarantee you can live an Octasupport® lifestyle pressure free. Thanks to our pressure relieving Octaspring® technology that relieves pressure 8x more than standard support pillows, you can look forward to comfort that cradles your body to reduce muscle tension and improve circulation all day, every day.